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About Us

Premier construction and property development company with a global reach

who we are

BG Africa is a multi faceted youth owned company specializing in Commercial and Residential property construction, development and renovations.

With experience from high end to small scale commercial and residential property development and projects, BG Africa is a versatile, energetic and focused company which strives to deliver excellence as its bottom line.

what we stand for

BG Africa is more than a development, project and construction management company. Rather, our holistic and economical approach to property development and construction ensures that we become your strategic partner, taking pride in our personal involvement from start to successful completion of your project.

We strive to make the visions and dreams of our clients become a reality and to reach beyond their expectations. Building more than just homes and properties but making memories and creating new ones for our clients. Your success is our success. It is how we measure our results and the quality of our work and services.

This is why our business model ensures our complete commitment and accountability for the full term of the project and beyond. And why you can rely on our proven track record to find the solution to your project and deliver it on time and within budget.

BG Africa is grade at 2GB with the Construction Industry Development Board and registered with the Building Industry Bargaining Council.

our core values

  1. Integrity
  2. Commitment to Excellence
  3. Communication – Honesty and Transparency
  4. Hands of Management – From start to finish.


We aim to build strong relationships with current and prospective clients through delivering a quality of work that will speak of excellence from start to finish.

the directors

Our directors of BG Africa is Clayton Rose and Shannon Henry. Both are skilled and experienced in various areas. Below is a brief description of our directors:

Gained 10 years experience in project management and project administration working for the Western Cape Provincial Government, being involved in significant projects such as geo coding of all funded organisations in the Western Cape and the roll out of the E-mobility project throughout the Western Cape.

During his employment at the Western Cape Provincial Government he completed many courses at the Provincial Training Institute including;
Project Management, Advanced Project Management and a Nelson Mandela Bay University Course on Strategic Management and Leadership.

From his public speaking engagements, he has a natural ability to communicate effectively with clients and staff alike. He is the father of two boys, Adam and Judah, and married to Cindy for 8 years.

Being the director at BG Africa, Clayton is responsible for the administration and financial department of the company.

He has over 16 years experience in the construction sector, from starting as a helper onsite for his father to owning a successful company called SH squared to becoming a respected figure in the construction industry today. Shannon has a unique ability to see projects in its final form before starting it. With the wealth of knowledge and ability, he is able to advise clients with honesty and transparency.

Married to Cheryl for 12 years and father to Sharne and Eli, he is a motivated and dedicated man and committed to all he puts his hands to, to ensuring that what he is building is excellent.

As a director, Shannon is responsible for the costing of projects, dealing with clients and project planning and management of sites.

In 2016, Clayton and Shannon decided to join forces to build a company that will have a huge impact on the industry, create jobs and uplift the lives of those they employ, but also on a personal level, to build a legacy. BG Africa prides itself in the excellence it presents which can be seen in their workmanship, clean sites and professional dealings with clients and staff.