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Hello, like it or not, you and I are affected by the rapid changes in our society in very tangible ways. No longer can we count on our traditional support systems, nor on the next generation inheriting our cultural values, nor even personal fulfilment in this shifting age. An anxious time indeed!

But there is hope – if we choose to adopt the right mind-set.

Here at INTERVEN we see change, not as a threat, but as an opportunity for growth. Our philosophy hinges on the wellbeing of the individual and the community. We strongly believe that education, training, and awareness can inspire us to create a more equitable and sustainable society for the future. Furthermore, by preparing an engaged and dynamic working generation, we can ride the changes as they come. We can also move closer to our vision of the best way to mobilise human, organisational and community resources. Synergistic teamwork at all levels of organisational and community life will ultimately spur people on towards healthy growth.

For employees faced with change, especially in the race towards greater digitalization and AI, the key is staying relevant by keeping abreast of the latest developments in your field. And INTERVEN is here to help you do just that. Through our 11 centres and business units, we can create a smart sustainable partnership with you to help you fully understand your career path and specific challenges, and we will tailor-make training programmes within your organization. Our goal is to continue providing focused, validated, technologically and environmentally attuned programmes in a pragmatic and cost-effective manner. We also dedicate time and resources to providing quality technical, research and training support to the associations and communities with whom we work.

All our impact and training programmes incorporate experiential and adult learning principles, ensuring that participants can apply key concepts immediately in their work. Interactive sessions increase learner involvement, and discovery techniques cultivate innovative minds. INTERVEN further prides itself on its facilitators and consultants who have extensive knowledge in a wide range of professional and industrial fields. Our solutions-oriented approach, along with our learning-rich setting, materials and skills, ensures that all programmes are cutting-edge and growth-driven.


Let us together push boundaries in pursuit of excellence.

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