Research-driven, multi-service global company

Interven Africa Group is a dynamic research-driven, multi-service global company propagating individual, organisational, and community flourishing. 

The conglomerate has interests across Southern Africa and working on expanding to other parts of Africa.Our primary interests are in skills development; healthcare and quality of life; management consultancy; investment as well as supply chain and logistics. Our clients benefit not only from our rich international experience, but also our mutual gains approach to doing business. At Interven Africa Group, we believe that a psychology of positive human functioning is arising, which enables scientific understanding and provision of effective and customised smart interventions.

Our continued success is rooted in understanding  the  emotionally  fulfilling  aspects  of  our  clients’ needs by  employing  positive,  adaptive and  creative research based techniques

Our Vision

A desirable partner in creating enabling conditions that make normal and work-life more fulfilling.

Our Values

Providing services that are rooted on trust, respect, fairness, responsiveness and of uncompromised quality

Our Mission

Pushing human and organisational development in exciting new directions for smart interventions.

Our Collaboration

We work with you and your team to deliver results that support your goals without compromising quality.