• Founder: Lejone Motaung
  • Degrees : B.Com (UPE) and B.Proc (UKZN)
  • Experience: 10+ Years
  • Currently : B.Com Honors (Financial Management)

The sole director presently and founder, Lejone Motaung is in possession of both B.Com (UPE) and B.Proc (UKZN) degrees and was admitted as an Attorney in 2008, and subsequently as a Conveyancer in 2009. Heis currently studying towards his B.Com Honors (Financial Management). He is keen to bringing diverse fields together for the benefit of clientsand to continuously assist them cutting costs of duplication of services which can all be provided under one roof.

He has acquired vast experience from working in different industries including banking, government parastatal and private legal practices. The firm intends acquiring expertise of highly motivated indivuals both skilled and unskilled who are willing to improve on ways to exceed client’s expectations, while they grow in the dynamic market that Motaung Attorneys is practicing in.

Skill transfer is a key component of a law practice which will easily sell desert-sand to Arabs, That’s the sole reason why Motaung Attorney will give preference to previously advantaged communities provider such choice is in line with the firm’s vision, mission and goal going forward.


Our aim is to capture a considerable market share within a short period through our added service and offering one-stop legal solutions to clients. We are building a strong brand which will mature with young clientele and learning from our senior clients to align our services with their needs, without compromising the delivery of quality service and our innovation going forward.


“Fulfilling clients’ requirements to have long term relationships.”

It is the vision on Motaung Attorneys to become the law firm of choice for potential clients to retain existing networks through outstanding service, professionalism and diverse expertise. e are driven by client satisfaction which forms a cornerstone of our practice.

Our Goals

Our main goals are to encourage and support feedback from clients on an ongoing basis to enable us to improve our service delivery, and control our vision over the long term. We also intent being an employer of choice to creative attorneys with diverse skills as well as the drive to explore new areas of the law, and related areas.

We also aim to create a solid foundation from which Motaung Attorneys will grow ant maintain competitive advantage over the long term. We understand that integrity and knowledge are key components to succeed, and to translate that success to a pool of satisfied clientele.

As a newly establish firm, Motaung Attorneys acknowledges that every new kid on the block has to adopt a penetrative marketing strategy within the limitations and regulations of the profession.

“a picture is worth a thousand words”
Our logo reflects the professionalism and excellence in design which ties in with the vision of the firm. This is our foremost impression which is backed-up with superior service delivery.

We know that clients only return if they were satisfied with our service the first time, thus we invest our time and other resources in continuing to win our client’s confidence. Naturally we will continue to grow into the next millennium.

Our continued innovation and creativity provides a competitive advantage as we group different services and provide ad hoc multi-disciplinary solutions for our valued clients. We do not charge for incidental advice and services flowing from client’s instructions, therefore going an extra mile for them.

Our constant skills acquisition distinguishes us from our competitors, and accords clients a cushion knowing they have up to date information at their disposal. Truth is, there can never be one size fits all in legal services, that is why we have to change with the changing needs of clients..

“image is everything”
We reflect that in our firm’s promotional material, as well as the appearance of our staff.