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Youth Without Borders

YWB (Youth Without Borders) is a registered non-profit and a non-political organization under the Department of Social Development established to support the youth, especially from the rural area, to develop their in-born talents in sports, arts, literature and at the same time use their talents and ability for the goodness and benefit of the society.


Over the years, the organisation has demonstrated a successful implementation of active citizenry and educational programmes aligned with its vision and mission. Since 2016. Ywb has conducted community based interventions in partnership with government and private sector.

YWB , NPO is a proudly black-owned South African Non-Profit organisation and a Level 1 BB-BEE contributor registered under Section 21 of the Companies Act, 2008. On a smaller scale, YOUTH WITHOUT BORDERS (YWB) (Name derived from the Missionary well known Doctors Without Borders ) has been working in partnership with Youth Development stakeholders in both rural and Urban areas .

  • To change the lives of the peoples.
  • To empower people holistically to live, independent,sustainable and meaningful lives.
  • YWB values are based on Christian principles and should be reflected to all stakeholders
  • Equality
  • Quality
  • Inclusiveness
  • Unity
  • Participation
  • Transparency
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Our Philosophy

Youth Without Borders owes its success to the long-term relationships with the communities in which it works. We believe that successful projects require the community to be actively involved in the project’s selection, development and subsequent running once we are no longer actively involved. However, innovative projects are only sustainable if the community takes ownership of them, and this approach is what attracts and secures the support of YWB’s many loyal donors.

Youth Without Borders works hard to ensure that the greatest possible percentage of each contribution goes directly to the communities it supports. The money invested in projects is efficiently and effectively spent, ensuring the projects are sustainable.

All YWB’s projects are managed on the ground by local champions and selected organization’s that have high-quality management and donor relationships, accountability, the ability to provide comprehensive feedback and a measurable and favorable impact on the community


YWB considers itself as an agent of positive change. Its aims and objectives pose a vision by its founders as a roving movement aimed at bringing about a positive message of the need for a positive change to the community at large.

Founded on the teachings and values of Christ which teach unconditional love- YWB is a relevant, informative, interactive and social movement to bring about the core meaning unconditional love to our communities.

Over the years, YWB has done work on community development and youth development with programmes such as drug awareness campaign, academic day events, career exhibitions, arts programmes, on-going welfare programme and agricultural project.

Our core values are centered around the development and capitation of the youth in various spheres of life.

How We Do It

Essentially, YWB acts as the catalyst between local governments and local communities, with a goal to strengthen relationships and facilitate effective and sustainable project management and service delivery.

Projects are first identified as addressing community needs, and are then set in motion with the community leading the way. Each project is then carefully assessed to guarantee success before final approval happens and fundraising begins with our generous donors and loyal supporters. Because rural communities are the heart of Africa, we ensure each project has a far-reaching impact in order to feed the soul of the continent.

Once the required funds are raised and successfully received, the community champions and local leaders are invited to all paperwork and draw up necessary contracts and schedules with the applicable partners and organisations who begin to work on the project.

The right training, skills and resources, provided by Youth Without Borders and partner organisations, ensures projects are not only effectively implemented, but self-sustainable long after initiation.

Once completed, projects are handed over to communities, who take responsibility for their success and growth. By equipping local champions with the skills and knowledge to secure additional funding of their own, they build on the solid foundation YWB has put in place.

What We Do

By partnering with communities, governments and the private sector, Youth Without Borders drives the development of sustainable projects that empower communities and contribute to conserving Africa’s spectacular assets.

For true development to take place, we need to nurture, protect and preserve not only our natural environment and wildlife, but our people, their culture and customs.

YWB supports rural communities in the fight against poverty by facilitating the projects identified by communities, grounded in their participation. It is this collaboration with community leaders and local champions that led to the four main development areas we focus on – Education, Health Care & Clean Water , as well as Small Business Development and Environment & Conservation.

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