City school-aged learners:

These are children between the ages 7- 18 years who are of school-going age.

Services Offered:

Learners are reached & mentored through the after-school programmes, holiday programmes, camps & outings, gymnastics and the Dance4aPurpose initiative.

City pre-school aged children:

This is the Early Childhood Development client group from five months to almost six years old and per implication their nuclear families.

Services Offered:

Pre-schoolers are reached specifically through crèches providing them with learning and day care. Parents are reached as a second target group through parenting programmes. MES Adoption services are in the planning phase.

City Youth:

In South Africa, youth are categorised as between the ages of 18-35 years, who are either studying or acquiring skills after school. They are often the largest unemployed component of South Africa and make up the vast majority of the clients at MES.

Services Offered:

Youth are reached through the skills training, job preparation and placement through our Training centre, and recruitment into the Joshua Youth Service Year programme.

Adult marginalised city communities:

These are generally adults older than 36 years in marginalised communities who are typically poorer, disempowered, unemployed and at-risk communities many of which are homeless and have health problems.

Services Offered:

Adult marginalised city communities are served through shelters and GROW Job Rehabilitation programmes.

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